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The Bank Robbery by Rosemary Aiken.pdf
The written summary of a bank robbery that took place in Ignacio, Colorado on Monday, July 3rd, 1989 by an employee that worked at the bank at the time named Rosemary Aiken.

A photo of the Bryan and Wyat Stores - owned by Bill Bryan - in Ignacio, Colorado.

On January 8, 1931 a fire started in the Wyat hardware store from coal being left unattended and spread to the adjacent Bryan store causing $20,000 in damages.

Xerox Scan_05262023104802.PDF
Handwritten by Dede Cordova on Ben Cordova.

A photo of early Goddard Avenue in Ignacio, Colorado.

Town of Ignacio from above.jpg
A photo of the town of Ignacio, Colorado in the early twentieth century.

Helen Dunn Recollections of South Ignacio.PDF
A written summary of the recollections of Helen Dunn concerning southern Ignacio, Colorado during the 1930s.

A photo of the Ignacio Livery in Ignacio, Colorado.

A photo of Ignacio Lumber Co. in Ignacio, Colorado.

Pool Hall and Barber Shop.jpg
A photo of the Ignacio Pool Hall (owned by Thomas Mullen) and the Ignacio Barber Shop.
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