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Aspen St 4.m4a
Debbie shares her impact and journey with the Ignacio Library during her time as director.

Yvonne discusses the history of the local headstart and its impacts.

Xerox Scan_05262023104802.PDF
Handwritten by Dede Cordova on Ben Cordova.

Richard Perry.WAV
Richard's family history in the area.

Katie 1.WAV
Listen to Katie as she shares about 4-H and more.

Judy Bundy talks with Mr. Schaaf on memories from his past.

dancing spirit.WAV
How Kasey came to our community and her impact and businesses since.

pasted image 0 (1).png
Tandy Nossaman explains the start of the Hope Christian school and more.

Dixie Cook Interview.mp3
An interview with Dixie Cook at the Ignacio Community Library on Thursday, October 17th, 2019.

Helen Dunn Recollections of South Ignacio.PDF
A written summary of the recollections of Helen Dunn concerning southern Ignacio, Colorado during the 1930s.
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